"Glorious Freedom"
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<<Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do.>>
~ John Wooden

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C, Level 3, Fanggot's Temporary Quarters
Stardate: 63075.1850


Having awoken from her momentary slumber, that being the only type the Kzinti warrior had recently been having, Hex felt dizzy and over-whelmed with an odd urge to venture out from behind the walls that held her in and visit the Holodeck. Sadly, as peaceful and painless as the Ensign's rest had been, the never ending fear of soul shattering agony being just around every corner still made even the slightest thought of going outside the safety of her small, inadequately lit room seem unthinkable and impossible.

Moving slowly, the officer managed to raise herself up from the uncomfortable position she had been lying in to look straight ahead at the door that marked her only passage to freedom. Outside the door, the furred humanoid could pick up just the fainest of noises as the Starbase and it's crew were settling down to embrace the final evening hours before night fell.

Though most would see such a thing as normal, Hex saw her chance. Knowing that the reciprocation of suddenly introducing oneself to large crowds after having spent over a year in isolation was not a good one... the cat-like female decided that it would be best if she were to explore during the night or late evening. That time had come at last, though why it had to be today the officer did not know.

"If I tell myself just one more day again I'll just end up stuck in here for another year or more..." the young woman grumbled to herself as she slowly pushed her slender body into an upright position.

Determination was all that had kept the young woman fit and healthy during her time of 'hiding'. The Kzinti was absolutely against allowing such trivial thing alter the figure and muscle prowess she had worked for years to gain in back-breaking labor and training. Hex had spent whatever time she found available to tone and work on her muscles and overall physique with exercise and meditation.

The decade's work had done well for the feline's body, having made it even more durable and flexible than it had previously been. An added bonus was the fact that her mother and brother had halted their intrusions of the officer's mind ever since the headaches began. It was a wonder, but at the same time a small relief in what had begun as a hellish nightmare.

Taking a deep breath, the Sec/Tac officer placed one foot in front of the other and then repeated the process until her small nose was practically against the door. A short ringing sounded in her ears, but it held little pain in it, so the Kzinti continued forward after having pressed the small button to open the door. The threshold of her isolation laid bare before her, an empty corridor beyond it beckoned. With her heart pounding, Hex moved very cautiously forward, hissing slightly as the ringing in her head started to chime in the background of her hurried thoughts.

Time seemed to stop for a few agonizing moments as pain shred through the young woman's body. It was as if her own mind was refusing her release from this room that had quickly become a prison. Gritting her fanged teeth, the furry humanoid stepped fully over the threshold and into a world of pain. As usual, the agony quickly swept over the Kzinti's body, as though slicing her head to toe with sharp, precise blades. Each ring fed a new hungry wave of her discomfort, but almost as soon as it had began... it stopped.

Breathless on her knees in the hallway, the young officer carefully pushed herself back onto her feet and shook her head once to test the feeling. Hex found that she was nauseous and somewhat disorientated, but otherwise could at least SEE straight. This was as good a sign as the Ensign had hoped for. After having tested her balance as well the officer quickly moved away from her door and sighed.

"Better late than never..." Hex chuckled meekly.

Out for the first time in a long time, and hopefully not her last, the Kzinti was free and the Holodeck awaited her. Not wanting to waste even a second of time, the young female rushed to the nearest tube she could. Something told her to keep to the shadows, therefore she did, paranoia possibly, but it didn't matter right now. The Ensgin felt rejuvenated at last and the rush just got better the farther away from her temporary quarters she traveled.

As unhealthy as the officer knew this was for her mind-state, she continued to her destination, blood pumping as though a fight had ensued. The cat-like woman kept low to the ground in a crouching position as she moved, not keeping a real good eye on where she was going in her rush.

Release from the tension called, and who was Hex to refuse such a siren's beckoning.

Ashley Shane
Ensign Hex Fanggot
Assistant Sec/Tac officer