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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1
Stardate: 63071.1015

After walking for an hour or so, ET was still trying to understand what had happened behind them and why the Captain would not talk about it.

[[She is only concerned about making it to the rally point,]] thought Elliot to himself as he was watching the back of the red-headed woman walking in front of him, while trying to figure out who or what the shadow thing was.  "So Captain, what actually..." Ensign Thomas was stopped in mid sentence.

"Ensign, maybe you did not understand me earlier, this is something that I do not wish to discuss, we are heading to the rally point and cannot take any side tracks from our route, now can you please take point for a while and concentrate on the mission at hand," the attractive CO stated in a calm monotone voice.

[[I don't understand, maybe I did something wrong? Maybe its something I said?]] ET had thought to himself and continually questioned what he had said and done previously, when he noticed some smoke up ahead of them, it must have been perhaps 5-10 miles in the distance from their location.  "Captain, do you see the smoke?" Elliot Thomas shouted back to the red-headed woman who was now approx 200 yards behind him.

"A little, hold on Ensign!" shouted the CO as she speeded her step up to get a better view.  The red-headed woman got to where Elliot was standing which gave them both a good view of the surrounding area and where the smoke had originated, the smoke was dissipating very quick which implied the fire was about to go out all together, so who ever had used it had probably moved on from its location, but it was in the right direction if you were heading to the rally point.

"Looks like someone has got ahead of us Ensign," the CO said with a smile on her face then continued, "Do you think we should pick up the pace young man? Or maybe you not quite up to it?" the smile on the Captains face seemed to increase even further with this comment.

Elliot looked at the attractive woman and said in a happy teasing tone, "Last one there is buying dinner!" then ran off in the direction of the smoke with the speed of a hunting animal.

Craig Mitchell { wmcraigmitchell@gmail.com }
Ensign Elliot Thomas.
Chief Operations Officer

[The Universe is a huge place, but you always seem to meet someone you know just around the corner.]