"Personal Nemesis"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Corridor
Stardate: 30145.1100

Although limited by line-of-sight to probe someone's memories, the ILO had already gathered a fair sample. The crew members she had come across had not at all been shy with their silent recalling of various episodes from their previous days and years.

Most of these rapid recalls had been about earlier preparations for the upcoming mission. Some had been more lengthy and interesting, dealing with family members or even previous missions.

One of the job requirements of an Intel Liaison Officer had been to remain unseen. At least this had been what the ILO had gathered from the memories the Admiral had willingly shared with her.  It was an indispensable skill for someone meant to learn everything about everyone and so far Shar'El had managed to do just that.

This had been a perfect opportunity to practice this skill without risking endangering the mission or herself.  Failure meant that she would be detected, and maybe even question on her presence and activities. The end result would still be the same though, having touched the target's mind and noted some aspect of their past.

As she rounded the next corner the ILO saw the one *person* who could put an end to her incognito reconnaissance. The purple haired Avatar would prove to be her greatest challenge so far, the artificial woman having access to the ship's entire scanning capability.  A simple masking program had been introduced into the ANUBIS' computer to hide the Ensign's movements but there had been only one way to test the program's full effectiveness.

Shar'El promptly hid in one of the recesses housing a nearby turbolift and waited with great curiosity to see if the Avatar would acknowledge the presence of the unseen officer.  Logic dictated that should ANI be aware of the ILO, the Avatar would turn to see what the crew member had been up to in such a peculiar area.

No reactions was observed by the ILO, but Shar'El also saw no memories to be explored as the purple haired woman walked by. The Avatar, despite her humanoid appearance, was nothing more than a walking computer. Interestingly though, the Intel Officer found no comfort in this discovery.

In time the ILO and Avatar would become acquainted and maybe even be friends of sorts but for the time being Shar'El thought it best to avoid the mechanical woman at all costs.

With one obstacle out of her way, the ILO decided to raise the stakes in her efforts to test her skill and learn more about the crew that she would be serving with.  A basic review of all the senior officers had already been conducted, and based on what she had read Shar'El had decided to set her aim on one particular Ensign.

Like the shadow she tried her best to be, the Intel Officer made her way through the ship with a single goal in mind -- Sickbay and the blonde haired woman that she knew she would find there.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer