"So Close, Yet So Far"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1
Stardate: 63071.1425

According to the information given when this training exercise had started, the rally point had been less than a day's travel away. Thanks to the Oltharian who had carried Lea for the latter part, the journey had been an easy one. Even more surprising had been that the gentle giant had shown no sign of fatigue.

Lea watched from a tree stump as Elan filled a makeshift wooden cup with water. The CMO had unknowingly voiced that she had been thirsty and seconds later the CEO had found this small body of water. Guild filled the Doctor accepted the Oltharian's offering once he had returned. The delicate way the cup had been help in his massive hands appeared only religious in origin.

The CMO wondered if this had been some sort of ritual meant to honor 'Healers', or if it had just been the Oltharian's own way. Lea met Elan's white eyes for a brief moment before he turned away to address his own thirst. Reverence and fear had shared a home in the giant's eyes, a mixture that the Doctor had been unable to explain.

Lea had wanted nothing more than to have Elan open up to her. To have the Oltharian share the pain that weighed on his soul. So far though, a silence born from the depths of space had been all that the CMO had received. Like a shooting star through the night, the CEO words split the silence.

"Are you ready to resume our travel Healer," Elan asked. The respect in his voice had been as powerful then as it had always been. Again Lea considered demanding that the Oltharian tell her what had been troubling him. To explain in detail the full significance of the music he had played and that the CMO had inadvertently heard. What crime had Lea committed in having admitted to this? More important, how could the Doctor amend this transgression?

"I am," Lea softly replied after a few seconds. Those had not been the words she had wanted to speak, but faced with the Oltharian's gaze the CMO had been unable to say anything else.

Slowly, cautiously, Elan took Lea once more into his arms without even wondering if she had been able to walk. The CMO could sense guilt radiating from the Oltharian, but her injury had not been his fault. So what had he felt so guilty about?

To be held so close to him and still have a universe separating them had proven to be most frustrating for the ANUBIS' CMO.

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer