"A Knight to Remember"
(Cont. from "The LANCELOT")

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Bridge
Stardate: 63071.1300

An hour after their departure from EARTH, the blue planet from which they had started this journey no longer appeared on the LANCELOT's long-range sensors.  An odd yet pleasant feeling washed through Aki as she raised her gaze onto the main view screen to see the stars streaking by.  This was where she belonged; in space amongst the stars and their hidden secrets.

What better station to be at to investigate the mysteries of the universe?  From the Science station Aki could already review sensor data on half a dozen items, but it was the new discoveries that truly drew her interest.  In the absence of any unknown phenomenon beyond the outer hull of the LANCELOT the Ensign turned her curiosity onto the Ensigns that had been selected for the first shift on the bridge.

The first to fall prey to Ensign Mitshiba's scrutiny was the LANCELOT's Flight Control Officer, a Klingon male by the name of Drell.  She remembered him from the Academy; a stubborn, hot-heated, and often temperamental Cadet who Aki had figured would be best suited for a position in the field of Security.  So it had been strange to see him sitting at the helm of the ship , Aki half expecting him to fly them all into a planet or too close to a black hole.

With the idea of ship's Security in mind Akira turned her gaze onto the Ensign who had been selected for that position, a female Kzinti by the name of Hex.  Ensign Mitshiba had never officially met the fuzzy fur ball, only vaguely recalling seeing the bi-pedal feral a couple of times on the Academy grounds.

As far as Aki had been concerned, Drell and Hex were the only *mysteries* so far onboard the LANCELOT that deserved a more thorough investigation.

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Holodeck 2
Stardate: 63071.2000

The first shift of the bridge personnel had ended and Aki had gone to her quarters only long enough to unpack.  The excitement had been too much for the Ensign to contain so she had decided to work out in the ship's holodeck.

An amazing and wonderful invention able to create anything needed for training or entertainment out of simple force fields and holographic images.  In this case Aki had request from the computer a replica of a small lake found near Mount Fuji, a place that the Ensign had spent many days at during her Academy off time.

The sound of the large doors opening drew Aki's full attention, not having expected anyone to come into the holodeck.  Mitshiba was pleased to see Hex in the doorway, her feline eyes taking in the sights of the program that had been running.

"Hex," Aki called out from the middle of the small lake.  "Come on in, the water is great."

Dawn Bohr <serra.moon.angel@gmail.com>
Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
Chief Science Officer