"A Mixed Mind"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section B, Level 7, Cafeteria
Stardate: 63075.1650

50 minutes and 3 empty tumblers later, Elliot was still sitting at the table.

Elliot starred at his watch :: I wonder what happened to Aki, I guess she has not cooled down after all.  Perhaps this is some kind of payback... what for I'm not sure, there are so many possibilites.  Was it the time I was helping the Duty officer Jill Bramley... or maybe when I came back late to my quarters and forgot about the date she had set up in the Holodeck? ::

He looked up from his watch and decided that he could wait no longer as he had to meet the kids at the temporary quarters that they had been given.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C, Level 3, Thomas's Temporary Quarters
Stardate: 63075.1700

ET rounded the corner and saw both Alice and Samantha walking towards the quarters from the opposite direction.

"Did you get a chance to talk to Aki, Father?" asked Alice as she ran down the rest of the corridor to meet him.

"Well, not exactly, but perhaps I'll get a chance tomorrow" Elliot responded to her question.

Samantha looked at her father then sarcastically stated "That's what you say every day".

Ensign Thomas walked into his quarters with his two daughters.  "So do any of you two have work to complete for tomorrow?" questioned the concerned father.

"No Father!" announced the two girls in stereo, then Alice continued "remember that we have next couple of weeks off from our studies.  Don't you listen to anything we tell you at night father?"

Elliot paused in silence for a short period of time, then it was if the penny had dropped, "Oh yes I remember that, you told me over breakfast a few days ago." emphazised ET as he walked to the replicator to replicate an iced lemon water.

"Father am I OK to go out for a little while." Samantha pleaded as she knew her father was far more protective these days, and hardly ever let them go anywhere on their own early evening.

ET wondered if it would be OK to let Samantha out then something crossed his mind and he had to voice his thoughts.  "Where do you want to go? Hold on a minute who do you want to go with?" demanded the COO.

Samantha looked at her father in disscust, "Father what do you mean, I only want to go and meet Erika from my study class." insisted the teenage girl.

Ensign Thomas put his hand in the air to stop all conversation, "I'm sorry Samantha, but you'll have to wait until tomorrow morning to speak to Erika, its too late now to be walking the corridors of the Starbase." commanded ET as he sat in the soft chair in the main lounge of the quarters.

"Father!" shouted Samantha then continued in a harsh tone "Its only 17:20hrs, dont you think it is a bit early to be keeping us in our quarters, I only want to meet up with Erika for a milkshake".

"I'm sorry Samantha but I've told you and that is the end of the subject, you can meet up with her tomorrow" insisted Ensign Thomas.

Craig Mitchell
Ensign Elliot Thomas
Chief Operations Officer