"Prepare the Supplies"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30145.1050


Having spent the last hour prepping her instruments for a whole crew of patients had left the ship's new CMO slightly exhausted. Time was of the essence though and the Tarellian wished to have at least one or two more completed diagnostics before take-off. Hopefully they would be more receptive than the Ensign she had worked on just before the trip to the conference room. Lillie didn't know what it was, but try as she might the young man had seemed simply terrified to even sit in her presence. Noting that, she made sure the visit was short enough to allow him to escape - once the Ensign collected all she needed of course.

Sitting at her desk again, the young woman made a few notes on the OPS and his apparent dislike of medical visits. She would attempt to keep them short in the future and far between to hopefully get him better acquainted slowly. Wondering offhandedly the CMO thought maybe this was something the ship's counselor could look into for her seeing as both of them were here to ensure the well-being of the crew. Lieutenant Dalziel was more one for the mind, while she was honed in on the body so therefore it was common sense in thinking that her superior would succeed where she might have failed.

Patching through to the counselor's office, the Ensign decided to give her report "Eve? Can you hear me? It's Ensign Lillie Doyanne from the Sickbay"

"I hear you loud and clear Lillie" the reply came "Am I to assume this is about my visit with you or yours with me?"

"Ummm, neither? We can talk about that after, I just wanted to inform you about Ensign Stark. He seemed... frightened to be in Sickbay and at times he would gaze into space as if not there at all. It seemed to be more your field than mine, he checks out physically though." Lillie reported, hoping maybe the humanoid woman would have better results than she did

"I'll note it into my files and discuss it with him. As for our meeting though..." the Lieutenant queried

"A-another time I assure you... I have... uhhh... Maya! Yes, Lieutenant Maya coming in momentarily so we'll have to talk later" the Tarellian quickly interjected before letting the line fall dead

It wasn't really that she was concerned about what she's find in this 'humanoid's' physical assessment that worried the woman, but instead what the other doctor would find in her. Having kept her true identity secret for so long had not been easy, but with her constant avoidance of the Academy counselors no one had caught much wind of her fear. Here on the ANUBIS - trapped on a ship together for hours on end - the Tarellian would have to face Eve at some point, but she just hoped it would not be soon. Lillie sighed and patched in another call, this time to the Planetary Studies Lab.

"Lieutenant Maya? Would you be willing to come in for a quick medical examination please?" the Ensign requested, not wanting her excuse to have been a lie

"I'll be with you right after I verify, download and catalog the remaining information available concerning PI ALPHA III. The molecular structure and instability of the planetary surface lead me to ponder the extremity of the elements we may face. I'll discuss with you in any case which medical procedures I believe you will need to prepare for through the duration of my examination if you don't mind." the lengthy reply came in a rush, almost too quick for the Tarellian to make out

"That will be fine Maya, I'll prep for your arrival" Lillie answered before yet again letting the line go dead

Was everyone of this ship complex? It seemed the more she found out about the ship's crew the less she felt like an outcast by her racial identity. Each of the other senior officers seemed have have more than enough quirks. Life on the ship was looking better by the minute. The Ensign's mind wandered a moment to her quarters, the ones she hadn't yet made herself acquainted with. Duty came first however and she was determined to write up notes on each senior staff member before taking a respite into her quarters.

Ashley Shane

Ensign Lillie Doyanne
Chief Medical Officer