"Wings of Power"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, VIPER Launch Bay
Stardate: 30145.11:00

The VIPER-Class Interceptor was a marvel of modern engineering. As deadly as it was sleek, as powerful as it was fast.

No one would suspect that the two-man fighter was of Federation design. That was part of the deal. That was why it was shaped as it was. Anyone encountering it would know to fear it before even engaging it in combat. Yes, the VIPER looked *that* menacing.

The more he studied the VIPER, the more Jayson agreed with its name. Sleek, deadly, fast and it even looked like it had fangs. Piloting this would be an amazing experience. The need to thank his CO for this opportunity was almost overwhelming.

From over the sleek shape of the interceptor he could see the giant FCO studying one of the other VIPERS. The man looked large enough to lift the ship with his bare hands which left Jayson with one question. How would Wydran get into it?

"Think the Captain would let us take them for a spin before we leave?"

The giant pilot either ignored him or was so lost in his thoughts that he had not heard a word that was said.  Jayson could only guess as to the giant's thoughts but yet he understood how he felt.

Standing next to something like a VIPER made it easy to lose yourself in dreams of adventures, and of battles that would be talked about for generations to come.

With the external inspection done, he decided to climb in and get a true feel of a VIPER. A pilot needed to be inside the cockpit to know the ship he would fly. The inside layout was simple, efficient, just like the outside. He could feel the ship's power and speed without actually flying it.  His hand took hold of the old style controls. No clumsy panels where here, the pilot needed to handle the ship directly.

What a rush! To feel the ship as an actual extension of him. To know that it would respond to his movement and touch. If only all other Federation shuttles were built this way, how grand would it be?

As he climbed out of the VIPER Jason hoped that they would be leaving soon. This mission was meant to give these gems a good workout and he intended on doing just that.


Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark