"Field Training"
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<<While I admit the universe does have a sense of humour, I doubt very much this is a joke.>>

Setting: EARTH, San Francisco, Starfleet Academy, Lecture Room 7
Stardate: 63071.0900

The large auditorium-like room had been filled nearly to capacity by those of the recent Academy classes that had graduated.  Many of the Ensigns present had already felt the sting of having seen fellow classmates and friends not make it this far, but their thoughts needed to be on the task ahead.  Graduating from Starfleet Academy had meant that they had earned the right to enter the fleet as officers, but along with this a great deal of responsibilities had befallen them.  From this day forth their lives would never be the same.

Whispered conversations and moments and inward contemplations came to a sudden halt as the doors to the Lecture Room opened.  Everyone promptly stood at attention as two senior officers, one Captain and one Commander, entered and made their way to the podium located at the front of the room.


"At ease," the Human Commander instructed as he scanned the gathered graduates, allowing them to return to a sitting position.  Although he displayed a distinct air of seriousness, a faint smile still managed to grace his lips for a few moments before the Captain spoke.


"I am Captain Erik Morningstar," the Native American announced without excess ceremony.  "First allow me to congratulate you all on graduating from the Academy, you have all shown an enduring drive to succeed and a willingness to overcome countless obstacles.  You have all been selected to become the crew of the USS LANCELOT, a Cavalier-Class exploration cruiser," the Commanding Officer announced as a technical schematic of the ship in questioned appeared on the large screen behind him.  "Her mission," Erik continued and paused for a brief moment, "*your* mission, will be one of exploration.  The LANCELOT is scheduled to depart in two hours, you have that much time to get onboard and become better acquainted with her systems."


As soon as the Captain had finished with his introduction the Commander stepped forward and proceeded with his part of the meeting.  "The following Ensigns will report to the bridge to the specified stations for the first shift:  Ensign Tamara White, Operations; Ensign Drell, Flight Control; Ensign Akira Mitshiba, Science and Ensign Hex Fanggot, Tactical/Security. Ensigns Sartek and Ensign Dollaress, you two are to report to Main Engineering and Sickbay respectively."

The entire room fell into complete silence as all those present dealt with the information that had been given.  In just under two hours they would be on the LANCELOT and heading out on their first mission.



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