"Headaches Are Minor"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C, Level 3, Fanggot's Temporary Quarters
Stardate: 63075. 1215

The room was very dimly lit as the officers outside peeked in supposedly undetected. It would have been much easier had they used a simple scan, but the two men were curious as to the Kzinti's mental awareness and aversion of them thus far to try and do a more low-tech approach. It appeared as though the bed was full and the furred humanoid was asleep, as unusual as it was, they noted it down and continued on their way.

Commands were absolute, many of their comrades including themselves had been assigned to watching out for the returned members of the USS ANUBIS. As odd as the orders seemed, they had no right to refuse or question them. Besides, they found that watching the young woman was entertaining to say the least... hazardous to say the most.

Hex watched silently from the darkest corner of the room, her cat-like eyes having a natural ability to penetrate the darkness as though it was daylight. Waiting for the moment to be ripe, her tail wrapped around her crouched form, the young woman watched.

Once both men had gone, the Ensign let out a soft sigh and relaxed the tension in her stance, calmly standing and returning to her bed, removing the large pillows from under her blankets and placing them in proper order.

"They seriously think I can't see them watching me?" Hex voice out loud, her tone vicious and hurt.

Holding one pillow still, the Kzinti warrior shot it away in anger, growling as it thudded almost soundlessly to the wall and then the floor.

"Great... no wonder I'm being watched, I'm even talking to myself..." the officer noted, speaking to the empty room as though it were a friend.

The room itself was small and uncomfortable, not the likes of which the cat-like humanoid preferred. It held little to none of her personal items as most of them had been destroyed or were otherwise missing. Either way the room felt empty and lonesome without any sign of her old things, the only comfort it provided was that it was close to where the other quarters of her former crewmates were held.

As the young woman pondered other ways of giving her watchers the slip, a sound rang through her mind. Pain racked the Kzinti's entire body as the headache she had recently been experiencing returned, pushing the warrior to her knees. Gasping for breath, but not allowing a single scream of agony to escape her lips, Hex waited in pain as the long metallic sounds grated against her every nerve. The sound and pain passed after a few long gruelling moments, leaving the fuzzy humanoid's fur still on edge and her teeth chattering.

It was because of the headaches that the young woman had begun her self-imposed isolation in the first place. Having seen the way people in Starfleet treated wounds, the Kzinti knew that this would have to be looked at, but her stubborn demeanour had refused to allow her to seek help.

Food and water were easy to receive, but it was otherwise impossible for the officer to take a trip to even the Holodeck, a place she dearly wished to visit. As unsure as she was about her headaches, Hex feared that the higher ups would take them the wrong way. Those fears only tripled when she realized that she was being watched.

Growling in frustration, the woman moved over to her bed slowly and laid down heavily "Stupid... h-headache..."

A darkness clouded the Sec/Tac officer's mind as sleep finally came to clam her restless mind. The young Kzinti had been staying awake constantly and very rarely sleeping ever since she returned from the last mission with the crew of the USS ANUBIS.

In her last few moments of consciousness, Hex pulled the blankets of her to protect from the cold and allowed her thoughts to momentarily wander to what had become of the other members she had somehow befriended in such a short period of time. Having isolated herself for so long the Kzinti officer had heard little to nothing from her crewmates in all this time and had found herself often worrying as to their well-being.

Things needed to change... they just had to...

Ashley Shane
Ensign Hex Fanggot
Assistant Sec/Tac officer