"A Less Restless Mind"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C, Level 2, Counselling Department
Stardate: 63075.1430

Elliot smiled at the councillor and asked quietly "Does this mean I can go now?".

"Well we'll have another appointment next week, same day but 9am this I think will be a better time, if that's OK with you" grinned the councillor.

Ensign Dalziel could see concern in ET's eyes then assured him quickly "Don't worry, this is only routine as I will need to speak to most of; if not all of the USS ANUBIS crew, because of what we have all been through".

With an expression of relief crossing the COO's face, he got up from his seat and informed Eve he would see here next week and then exited the room. He walked the corridor with the councillors words still going through his head. Maybe his hysterical outburst was his way of dealing with it, dealing with the stress, the anxiety, the horror. As he stepped into the turbolift, he touched his comm badge, "Ensign Thomas to Lieutenant Fairborn".

=^= Yes Ensign Thomas, what can I do for you? =^=

Elliot pressed a button in the turbolift then commented "I'm finished with the councillor, and I'm on my way back to meet you, sir".

=^= It is not necessary Ensign, we have the impulse power working and the next shift is taking over from us, I suggest you get a good sleep and meet me at the USS ANUBIS Main Engineering at 7am, the circuits look worse than they actually are, which is good for us. I'll speak to you tomorrow, Fairborn out. =^=

ET just stood in the turbolift. ::So what now, the girls don't get back until 5pm. Maybe I should call on Aki, or maybe she needs her time and space too. I think I'll just head to the Holodeck for some golf to relax. ::

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C, Level 4, Holodeck
Stardate: 63075.1450

Ensign Thomas stood on the first tee, and could see a red flag in the distance, approximately 450 yards in the distance. He looked at his clubs and without hesitation he took out the driver, walked to his ball and adjusted his stance and approached ready to hit. Halfway through his swing there was the unmistakable chime from his comm badge and a voice. =^= Akira Mitshiba to Elliot Thomas =^= the voice came over the comm resulted in the ball being hit dramatically off course in a direction of its own.

"Eh... Yes, Aki" he replied.

=^= I need to have a little break from work, would you meet me in the Cafeteria in 10 minutes for refreshments? =^= asked Aki.

"Yes, I can be there then, but I'll need to make sure I'm back at my quarters for the girls coming back at 5pm" stated Elliot with a smile on his face.

=^= OK, I'll see you there ET =^= came the response.

ET looked at the flag in the distance again, and then at his clubs. ::I'm just going to continue this another day, perhaps when I don't get interruptions:: " he smiled as he commanded the computer to end program ET342.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section B, Level 7, Cafeteria.
Stardate: 63075.1600

Elliot was sitting in the far corner of the Cafeteria with his usual Iced lemon water, and he had already ordered a Sake for Akira, as he knew that this was her favourite drink.


Craig Mitchell
Ensign Elliot Thomas
Chief Operations Officer