"Not a Competition"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 1, CO's Ready Room
Stardate: 30145.1030

The door closed behind them, making a satisfying swishing noise.

Eve found herself trying, perhaps a little too hard, to keep the mood light. After all, Morningstar was reserved, even though he wasn't as stoic as she first thought. He was everything one would expect in a Commanding Officer and then some. Besides, one simply did not get assigned to the ANUBIS if they didn't have a few tricks up their sleeve. She looked forward to discovering what those were in the Captain's case.

Despite the seriousness of serving on a Federation vessel, he could take a joke, provided it was at the right time, and appreciated a hands-on approach when it came to working with the different department in their shared goals.

Erik had placed a large cup of spiced tea in front of him, heavy on the milk. There was no reason not to try and get comfortable. "Whenever you'd like to begin," he said, offering her the seat across from him.

Lieutenant JG Dalziel smiled weakly and took her place. It wasn't good bedside manner to leave your patient waiting.

"I will admit," Eve began, tossing her off-black hair over one shoulder, "that you don't fit the typical stereotype of the youngest child in a family unit." The baby of the family generally wasn't as disciplined as their older siblings, and sometimes displayed a sense of entitlement. They were often described as a 'party animal', something that didn't seem to fit the Native American man in the slightest.

"Eh, maybe we were too far apart in age. My sister is five years older than I am. My brother is seven years older," he added, trying not to sound uncomfortable mentioning his brother Jean-Claude, who was a patient at the Mental Institute on ARINESS III.

"So no hidden wild streak?" Dalziel asked with genuine curiosity.

"No," Erik answered."But then again, it depends on your definition." Despite the touch of grey in his dark hair, his brown eyes glinted with the spirit of a much younger man.

"What do you consider your proudest achievement?"

The CO thought for a moment. "The day I stopped following my father's wishes and chased after my own."

"I'm sure that was difficult."

"Not as difficult as living an untruth... 'When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice.'" The words of his ancestors sprang forth unexpectedly.

The eloquence of his comment took Eve off guard for a few seconds. But she eventually found her voice and continued. "Your first assignment out of the Academy was as an Assistant Flight Control Officer. What about that position was a good fit and what about it was not an ideal fit?"

"The best part? The actual flying- of course. Being in control of the vessel's momement. Being able to make the most minute of adjustments and feel the instant response."

"And the worst part?"

"It wasn't enough just to steer. I had to get down in the core and see how the energy was generated to make her go. There's a part of me that will *always* be an Engineer."

Eve allowed herself a smile. *What was it about Engineers?* she thought. "I think that about covers it. Thank you, Captain."

"That's it?" Morningstar responded with mild surprise.

She stood, holding a small PADD which she had used to take notes. "I try not to overstay my welcome. That way you'll want to come to me when you really need to."

"Well, okay then," Erik said, pleased.

"One more thing before I go. I'll share with you something my first Psych professor taught me at SFA- 'Remember, we're all a little crazy- it's not a competition.'"

Susan Ledbetter 
Lieutenant JG Eve Dalziel