"Passive Analysis"
(Cont. from "Multiple Possibilities")

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C-2, Level 5, Arboretum
Stardate: 63073.1315

Aki and Eve walked into the Arboretum, their hands filled with a dozen or so PADDs that contained all of the available information on the case surrounding the explosion of the XANTUL.  The ANUBIS’ CNS had easily convinced the aCSciO to lend a hand in making sense of the data, Akira having been more than ready to leave the holodeck to apply her skills to something more productive.

"El Capitan," the Cardassian born woman grinned playfully as the pair headed for one of the benches that they would claim as their new workplace.  "Really?"  The selection of the Arboretum by the ANUBIS' CNS had been an attempt to provide a more peaceful work environment, one that would not immediately remind the two Ensigns of where they were and the universe of problems that they dealt with on a constant basis.

"What is the use of doing something if you are not going to challenge yourself?" Aki replied far more seriously than the CNS had expected. Officially Ensign Dalziel had approached Ensign Mitshiba to seek her assistance with the analysis of the XANTUL data.  Unofficially, the Counselor had thought that this would offer a perfect opportunity to observe and see how the aCSciO had faired following their return to this universe.

"You can start with the data from the external sensor," Eve said as she sat.  "I'll take a look at the crew and known associates to see if something unexpected comes up."

"Sounds like a plan," Aki nodded while she sorted the PADDs in her hands into the appropriate piles.  After having realized that he task distribution had been less than equal, the aCSciO glared to the woman sitting next to her.  "That's not fair, I have more than twice the number of PADDs than you have."

Eve chuckled softly.  "What is the use of doing something if you are not going to challenge yourself," the CNS said having used the exact same words used my the Asian woman less than a minute before.

"Leave it to a Counselor to use your own words against you," Aki said through her laughter.  If the aCSciO had suffered some sort of deep emotional or psychological scar from their last mission, Eve could not see any signs of it, at least not at the moment.

Without any further delay, Aki dove into the task that had been given to her by Eve knowing that the CNS had been correct.  This would be a far stretch from rock climbing but the aCSciO had been more than happy to face this new challenge.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C-2, Level 5, Arboretum
Stardate: 63073.1430

Aki rubbed her eyes as she took a break from reviewing the sensor logs from the VALLA ROYAL.  There had been something to be said about the tracking system of that orbital station, their sensors being almost a match for those found on the ANUBIS, and Intel ship.

The data that had been handed over to the aCSciO had been very detailed which meant that there had been a great deal for her to sift through and attempt to make some sense of.  The answer as to the cause of the XANTUL's destruction had been in there somewhere and Aki had been determined to find it.

Dawn Bohr
Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
Assistant Chief Science Officer