"Swept Off Her Feet"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1
Stardate: 63071.0840

How could any emotionally aware, red-blooded, non-Vulcan minded woman not feel as Lea did? Elan's hold on her had been tender, gentle, beyond caring, in short, heavenly. The CMO could barely feel the giant's steps as he moved across the land like some ancient titan. In the span of 10 minutes the Oltharian had covered more ground than they would have in 30 had she been on her feet. Doctor Summers felt like a Princess, a Queen, and an Empress all rolled into one.

With admiration the CMO gazed into the imposing man's face and tried as best she could to read him. If only she could be a Betazoid for a few minutes so as to read his thoughts. What had troubled him so? Why had the simple request to hear him play the flute been so traumatizing? Had it all been because she had been a simple Doctor who was virtually worshiped by the Oltharian? Such a multifaceted people they were and Elan stood above them in that regards even more so.

Lea had wanted to ask him so many questions, to try and have him open up to her. As a *Healer* the CMO had been relatively certain that she would be able to order the giant to comply. To have him put aside whatever had caused this invisible force field to be raised between them. If she did this though would he still respect her, not as a Healer but as a person?

Each time a question threatened to escape Lea managed to swallow it back down. Instead the CMO focused on the trees, hills or boulders that were around them. Anything that could keep her mind otherwise occupied had become fair game to the Medical officer.

The features of the surrounding landscape flew by the CMO at such a rate that at times she wondered if she had been dreaming. Being carried as she was it had been easy to lose track of time and feel as if she had been flying. Over the following several minutes though that feeling of ecstasy was replaced with an odd sense of dread. Every now and then Lea had caught a glimpse of something in the corner of her eye. It appeared as a barely visible shadowy form that seemed to be moving as they did.

The first time Lea had noticed this form the CMO had figured that it had only been her imagination. The second time, the woman had reasoned that her guilt in having Elan carry her had made her see things. By the fifth occurance of this unknown follower Doctor Summers had grown genuinely concerned.

"Elan, something is following us," Lea whispered in the Oltharian's ear. For a brief moment the CMO considered adding something more to her words, but eventually decided otherwise.

"Something?" the Oltharian asked, apparently hoping that Lea would be able to provide a little more details.

"Sorry," Lea weakly grinned. "Would my describing it as a *shadow* help?"

The Oltharian quickly located a safe location to gently lower the CMO back onto the ground. With his hands nowfree he would be able to deal with whatever had been following them, if there had indeed been *something* there.

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer