"Inner Turmoil"
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<<All life is sacred and therefore those who protect and safeguard it are to be respected and revered.>>

-Oltharian teaching

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1
Stardate: 63071.0820

The silence between the ANUBIS' Chief Engineering Officer and Chief Medical Officer had grown to be almost tangible, the Oltharian having done little to hide the inner conflict he had been in the midst of. The music Lea had heard, *his* music, had not been meant to be heard by her or anyone else for that matter.


The Chief Medical Officer had wanted to say or do something to ease the gentle giant's troubles but all she had managed to do was to follow his lead through the wilderness as they made their way around or through various obstacles. Lieutenant Summers had been sure that her request to hear him play the flute once more had been the reason at the core of the Oltharian's misery, alas the CEO's inner turmoil had been triggered by something far deeper in significance.


That Lea had heard his music had been a shock, one that only affected the Chief Engineer and in some way had made the Oltharian feel as if he had betrayed his beloved, the one for whom the music had been intended for. The real conflict the Engineer faced though had originated from his people's views and teachings about life and the respect it deserved. Anyone who worked in the field of medicine obtained by that simple fact a status that could not be ignored. As the ANUBIS' Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Lea Summers had gained this status, despite her wishes not to, and because of this Elan respected her with every molecule of his being.


That Elan had opted to bring his flute instead of some other, useful item had now struck the Oltharian has having been in direct violation of his people's oath to protect life by all means available. Granted, the senior staff of the ANUBIS had on many occasions displayed their ability to take care of themselves and whatever trouble they could find, but that had in no way reduce the guild that the CEO now experienced. To him the simple act of not having thought of the others before himself had been nothing short of complete failure on his part.


Blinded by his turmoil Elan had not realized that he had steadily increased his pace over the last several minutes which had forced Doctor Summers to almost run to keep up, a task made that much more complicated due to the crutch she had been obliged to use.


"Elan!" Lea called out having realised that the Oltharian would not be slowing down anytime soon and that she had been on the verge of exhaustion.  When the imposing Engineer failed to respond the CMO called out again, this time with more force, as she did so the tip of the crutch became wedged between two rocks and sent the Doctor crashing onto the ground.


The exclamation of pain which came from the woman as she crashed had proven enough to snap the Oltharian out of his thoughts, and as he spun around to see what had happened he quickly deduced that this had been in some way his fault.  The fact that Lea had been so far behind him had pointed to Elan having neglected his responsibilities to the CMO, that of keeping her safe.


"I am so sorry Healer," the Oltharian offered in a heartfelt apology as he rushed back to the CMO's side.


"It's alright Elan," Lea countered with as she did her best to ignore the shooting pain in her ankle.  "It's not like you are expected to be by my side all the time," the CMO added as she inwardly wished that the giant would confide in her as to the reason for his distraction and distance.  As far as she had been concerned this had been her fault and she deserved some level of retribution for it.


Elan gazed down upon the Healer, his own guild having grown with each passing second.  After a short period of time the Oltharian took the only logical course of action that had been available to him and with great care he scooped Lea off the ground and into his arms.


"Elan?" the CMO questioned out of surprise and shock, "What are you planning to do?  Carry me all the way to the rally point?"


A gentle nod of the Oltharian's head was all that the CEO offered as a reply, giving the CMO a clear indication that this had exactly been what he had decided in doing.



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