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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Engineering

Stardate: 30145.0500


Sonja was deep in the ‘zone’ at the central island, with part of its components pulled out as she cleaned and replaced or repair various Isoliniar chips.   She was swaying to the music playing in her earpiece.  Having chosen to not blare the tunes as she normally would, keeping in mind that she was not alone, and well these were her new staff and want to break them in slowly to her brand of *quirky*.   No need to freak them out, not yet at least.


Her personal tool case was laying open on the island, while she worked.   The case itself was one that had belonged to her grandfather, he had given it to her when she began her Engineering studies at the Academy.  The majority of the tools and instruments had been replaced except for a few that were non-operational but kept simply for their sentimental value.  She made a mental note to contact her grandfather once she was off duty, it had been too long.


The sudden entrance of a rather frustrated if not angry and quite large man drew everyone’s attention.   As the redheaded CEO turned still slightly slouched from her work,  she was met with this new comers midriff, not just a little awkward to say the least.


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Before anyone was able to recover the new comer stated rather forcefully “I need a cutting tool.“


“Oh,” Sonja said as she straightened, a little stunned by the man’s imposing height.  “You must be…”


The Man saw what he was looking for and took it out of the case that was on the  central island, turned on his heel and left.  There was a rather loud THUMP that was quickly followed  a string of alien curses.  You do not need to speak the language to recognize swearing you can tell by the tone even if you don’t know the words,  and the tone here spoke volumes.


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The red head could not help but giggle at the sight, and asked with a bit of annoyance in her tone “Who in world was that? and does anyone know what he was saying, it sounded colourful.”


“That was FCO Ensign Wydran Ttosk, he was assigned to the ANUBIS on stardate 30140.10,“  the avatar offered without delay.


“OKAY, Thanks ANI,” Sonja replied hastily as she knew that the Ensigns life story would be shared if she didn’t stop the avatar.


“I am able to offer a partial translation of what was said, as some parts were not very clear,” the android continued.


“ANI, just the general idea of what was said is enough,”  the engineer clarified in case a typical computer explanation would follow.


“There was a curse to the male reproductive organ and a female Klingon targ mating,” stated the android. “There are no matching references in our data banks,” ANI finished.


“Thank you ANI,” Sonja smiled, glad to know that the avatar understood her request, as she was quite sure she did not want to know *exactly* what was said.


Sonja turned to return to her work when she noticed her tool case and knew that she would be seeing the Ensign again sooner than she thought.  He had taken the non-functional cutting tool.


::Oh dear, bet he really will be upset,  assuming his memory isn’t affected by all the head  banging,::  Sonja thought with a smile on her lips.



Setting: USS ANUBIS, Engineering

Stardate: 30145.0625


The redheaded woman watched the ship’s previous Chief Engineer depart with a smile on her face… She wished that she would have had more time with the Oltharian.  They may have had different ways to go about it but they certainly spoke the same language when it came to their ship, “ANI”.   Though she saw, well more felt, like the ship was a living being and really, all you had to do was to listen and she would talk to you.  The Lt Commander’s vision was different yet strangely the same…  as he created ‘ANI’ the ships avatar.  Sonja loved the idea of having a *real* person to talk to that was for all intents and purposes the ship.   However the Oltharian’s *very* quiet demeanour was clearly evident in ANI,  something that was bound to change in the redheads presence…


Sonja turned to the ship’s avatar with a wry grin and said, “Come on ANI let’s see how long it takes to make you into a real girl… without the nose issue of course,” with a laugh, thinking to herself of an old EARTH children’s story Pinocchio.


ANI tilted her head in a most mechanical way before coldly stating “I am an android, an avatar, I am incapable of being a real girl.”  She straightened her head after a few seconds and asked, “Is there a malfunction with my nose?“  as her hand reached up to her face. “Would you like me to remove it for repairs?” 


“NO!” gasped Sonja, “ There is no malfunction, it was a joke”.  


“I do not understand,” ANI stated.


“Never mind, it’s not important,” the redhead said somewhat dismissively, as she thought making ANI more *real* might be a harder job than she first imagined, but still could prove to be very amusing in the long run.   “Wait a minute,” Sonja said as an idea came to mind. “ANI, can you actually remove your nose?” and then said quickly “Do not do so, I just want to know if you can?”


ANI in typical android fashion replied “I can remove or replace all of my parts.”


“So you have various replacement parts, hummm,” that was something Sonja would have to remember, she thought with a slightly devilish grin.  You just never know when that kind of information can come in handy.


“Alright then let’s get back to work and get the rest of the of the upgrades and systems check done,”  Sonja said with purpose picking up her PADD and brushing off her devious thoughts, and getting back to business.



Lorraine Paquette


Lieutenant JG Sonja Paquette

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