"Personal Therapy"
(Cont. from "Mysterious Times")

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C-2, Level 4, Holodeck
Stardate: 63073.1100

Aki’s eyes were closed as she took a moment to rest.  Since the ANUBIS’ return to its home base, the aCSciO had religiously gone to the holodeck to deal with the emotional issues that plagued her.  The 3,000 feet high rock formation found at Yosemite National Park known as El Capitan had become a second home to Aki who had scaled its vertical face every morning since their return.

As fit as Akira was, her rock climbing expertise had been insufficient to allow her to conquer the legendary granite monolith in less than 5 hours.  So starting her day at 0500 meant that she should be done well before lunch, given that all went well.  Today had not been one of the easier days as the Ensign found herself more than an hour away from the top, 6 hours into the climb.

::At this rate it would be easier to talk to Eve,:: Aki thought, her heart racing, her eyes still closed.  There had been just so much that personal therapy could accomplish and the aCSciO had come face to face with the harsh reality.  Dealing with what had happened to the crew and ship alone had no longer been a viable option.

Neither willing nor ready to give up, Aki opened her eyes and continued the climb.  Even if it took her the rest of the day she would reach the top before contacting Ensign Dalziel.  Eve would very likely state that this had been a perfect example of misplaced pride and the aCSciO had to resentfully agree.  To give up had not been in her character and Ensign Mitshiba would see this entire ordeal to the bitter end.

Aki’s fingers dug into the rocks in search of a firm grip, the pain in her joints being another reminder that there had been better ways to deal with this matter.  For a moment the aCSciO wondered how the rest of the crew had dealt with their inner demons and the memories of what had happened.

With each additional foot separating Aki from the top conquered, Ensign Mitshiba hoped that the crew would be sent on another mission. To jump right back onto the proverbial mount after having been unhorsed had made sense, and the ACsciO had been ready to spend her time and energy on something more constructive than rock climbing.

Dawn Bohr
Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
Assistant Chief Science Officer