"Being Alone Is Never a Good Thing For a Shillian"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1
Stardate: 63071.0800

The cave that had housed the Chief Science Officer of the USS ANUBIS for the night and the thick forest that had surrounded it had finally fallen behind the Shillian, a development that had pleased the Lieutenant Commander who expected her pace to drastically improve. Despite knowing that this training mission had for objective to reach the rally point with some level of urgency, the scientist had been unable to pass up the opportunity to study the fauna that Admiral Koneki had selected to introduce into the holographic creation.
Somehow the head scientist of the ANUBIS had reasoned that she might be able to find something to speed up her progress if she took the time to investigate the choices made by the Admiral. Of course after having had to deal with several variety of constricting and carnivorous plants, the Shillian woman had revisited her decision and had opted to spend more time travelling instead of researching.
With the thick forest behind her, the Shillian had found herself surrounded by a rocky terrain filled with chasms of various shape and depth with little to no flora to draw the curiosity of the Chief Science Officer. Unfortunately this had for result to leave the mind of the scientist wandering onto a subject that she had done her best to keep as far away as possible. The fact that she had been alone, not as an officer separated from her crew, but as a member of a world that had vanished leaving her to be the last of her kind.
Maybe that had been part of the reason why the Shillian had come across as an overly dedicated and enthusiastic Scientist to the staff of the NEW ALEXANDRIA complex, and why the Chief Science Officer had nearly a dozen projects in queue for her to tackle at any given moment of the day. Through observation of her father Maya had learned the excitement and thrills of being a scientist, a cherished memory that equally brought happiness and sadness. On a normal day this memory would send the head Scientist of the ANUBIS head first into some obscure research or lengthy explanation of a phenomenon she had been studying, but in this training mission there had been nothing to otherwise occupy the thoughts of the Shillian woman.
Overwhelmed with sadness the Scientist stopped for a moment and closed her eyes, the memories of a world and people she would never again see having come rushing back to her with inescapable force. For some reason the universe had seen it wise to spare her the fate of her race, a fact that the Chief Science Officer still found difficult to accept even after all of these years.
A long deep breath filled the lungs of the Shillian as she reopened her eyes, although the Scientist was relatively certain that she had been the furthest from the rally point the Chief Science Officer resumed her journey with renewed purpose. The faster this training mission would come to an end, the faster the head scientist of the ANUBIS would be able to get back to work and once again keep her thoughts and memories in check.

Jessica Solarik {maya_992003@yahoo.com}
Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)