"Routine Inspection"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30145.0925


Walking into her new area of occupation for the first time gave the young CMO and odd, somewhat breath-taking feeling. The entire build of the ship was new to her and in it's own way very frightening, yet once within she felt at ease as if the machine itself was attempting to welcome her. The Sickbay was proving very promising itself, all the equipment Lillie had ever trained with was neatly stored in one corner or another of the expansive room. Excitement built in her as the Ensign slid a hand over the nearest biobed and imagined what her first treatment in this room would be.

A sharp pang of pain in her core brought the woman out from her inner retrieve and she grimaced. It seemed as though her first patient would in fact be herself. The Tarellian carefully lifted herself up to sit upon the edge of the biobed and rummaged a hand into the small med-kit she kept at her side, withdrawing from it a small injection kit with multiple tiny vials of a sickly green liquid and a hypospray. Expertly, the Ensign tied a tight restraint just above the curve of her elbow and prepared an auto-injection. Careful not to miss the target vein, Lillie gently pressed the button to send the medicine into her bloodstream.

After removing the restraint and rubbing the area to aid in the spread through her body, the blond-haired woman preformed a quick scan with the nearest tricorder. She released a sigh of relief when all scans came back normal. Well... as normal for her as they could get anyway. The humanoid beamed with pride for a moment considering the fact that she technically just treated her first patient under the employ of the USS ANUBIS. To be honest with herself though, aside from the usual check-ups, Lillie hoped there would be little to do in her position.

Hopping down from the biobed the Ensign moved over to the desk near the front door to the Sickbay as well as the PADD that had been left on it for her. Carefully going over the list of crew members in need out a routine check the CMO was surprised to see the extensive variety of species she was going to have the chance to work with. Expecting nothing but Terrans, the woman was quite surprised to see that they had a Shillian on board, as well as an unknown entity marked only as a humanoid. Confused yet intrigued Lillie supposed she would begin with the Captain and work down the list.

Picking up her communicator for the first time since arriving the Tarellian made a connection to what she believed to be the captain's communicator.

"Hello... Captain?" the Ensign tentatively said, not knowing what exactly to say.

[/\] Go ahead Ensign,[/\] a male voice responded, to her experience he sounded older and most likely Terran.

Breathing a short sigh of relief for not having mixed up her signals, Lillie attempted to sound confident "You're due for a routine check-up Captain, at you most available time would you be able to see me in the Sickbay please?"

[/\] Just greeting the crew, I'll be up there as soon as I can,[/\] the Captain responded, voices of another male were being picked up over the transmission so the CMO decided there was no rush.

Leaning back in her chair the Tarellian stared up at the ceiling. Closing her eyes she could almost picture herself holding her daughters at this very moment. The Ensign decided to remain deep in her daydreams as she waited, not much was needed to be done until her routine inspections were complete so why not relax? She could possibly even make time to visit a Holodeck before launch if the remaining crew members were as receptive. Lillie also wanted to visit her quarters at some point to unpack and organize her things.

So much to do, so little time. To heck with it though, time could wait.


Ashley Shane

Ensign Lillie Doyanne
Chief Medical Officer