"The Strange Meeting"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1.
Stardate: 63071.0600
Ensign Thomas awoke looking into a clear sky, he stood up and remembered that he had climbed to the top of a tall rock object that was higher than most tower buildings he had saw and this was why the COO had climbed the rock in the first place, he figured that he would have a great view of what was happening around him and plan the best route to reach the rally point which had been explained to the crew.
[[I saw smoke coming from two different areas last night, I wonder if it was some of the other crew members]] Elliot had thought as he debated which way to go as the smoke came from the West and East of his position.
"OK we are going down and to the East; that's where the rally point is.  If I'm quick I maybe able to catch up with whom ever it was heading in that direction" the COO said to himself as he got into position for climbing down the rock free hand.  
Free hand rock climbing was a great hobby of Elliot's and because of this he was able to climb down the 1500ft rock with the ease and speed of an Earth monkey.  [[Not bad... 90 minutes to climb down, might be some kind of record]] Thought the COO grinning to himself.
He was thankful that he had decided to bring the large 18" hunting blade with him, not only did it help with keeping him safe against wild animals, it also helped him to cut through thick plantation, what may have slowed others down, had not really hindered the Ensign as he was able to cut through the thick undergrowth with ease, especially as he was following an already half cut path from someone earlier.
The COO felt a hard blow to the side of his face which knocked him to the ground, without thought of injury he quickly jumped to his feet turning to make a counter blow against his assailant, when what he saw shocked him... "Captain, *what the hell!*" Elliot stated in a voice a little more aggressive than he had intended.
"Oh Ensign Thomas, I'm really sorry I heard noises behind me for the past 15 minutes even though I had upped my speed they still followed, and I thought that it was someone after me" stated the red-headed woman shamefully.
"Well, it wasn't really the welcome I was looking for but I'm really glad to see you, even if I have a lump to go with it." the COO smiled at the Captain.
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Ensign Elliot Thomas
Chief Operations Officer

[The Universe is a huge place, but you always seem to meet someone you know just around the corner.]