" Echoes "
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1
Stardate: 63071.0530

The young woman took a moment to carefully listen as she wondered what devious plant Admiral Koneki had come up with this time.  The night before the ANUBIS' CO had been ready to swear that she had heard music floating in the cool night's breeze, a thought that she quickly dismissed as either having been a figment of her imagination or a trick meant to confuse the crew.  Moments ago the red headed woman had been nearly certain that she had heard someone screaming, but again the sound had been so faint that there had been no way to know for certain.

Not wanting to waste time in a futile effort to figure out what those sounds had truly been or what had created them, the young woman had instead decided to press on with the mission's primary objective… to reach the rally point which was still several days away.  The Admiral had wanted to truly test the crew's ability to survive, something that the CO would have been able to easily attest to had she been given the opportunity.  What Rikar believed though had been that Koneki had also wanted to push the crew to its emotional and psychological limit… every officer of the ANUBIS had already demonstrated their ability to survive the most inhospitable of situation, so this training exercise had made little sense.

Memories of the Academy's Psych test flashed in the young woman's mind… a test that had been initially presented as having been nothing more than a trip to a nearby research facility.  Once the then Cadet had arrived she had been forced to deal with a situation that still gave her nightmares from time to time.

Rikar shook her head as she dismissed the unpleasant memories and returned her focus to the here and now.  Admiral Koneki had by no means been above using such tactics in the preparation of the elite crews of his SCARAB-Class ships, and the CO suspected that this had been the perfect pretence to put the senior staff of the ANUBIS through the proverbial ringer.

Sabrina Jones

Captain Sabrina Rikar
Commanding Officer

"We are Grey, we stand between the Candle and the Star, between the Darkness and the Light"
-Entilza Delenn, Babylon 5