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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section D, Level 8, Observation Deck
Stardate: 63075.0800

Elliot looked out the window in the Observation Deck to see the USS ANUBIS just sitting there looking worse for wear.  ::18 months have passed for us and its like we have never been away to these people... Nobody has *missed* or even *looked* for us:: The COO was still agitated in himself as he paced back and forth in the room. ::I need to speak to Admiral Koniki, I cant just stand around and do nothing.  My kids are adjusting but I need to keep myself occupied, *I need to work*::

" Ensign Thomas to Administration Centre "

=^= Yes, Ensign Thomas this is Allyson is there something I can help you with, =^= was the quick response over the comm channel.

" I'd like to speak to Admiral Koniki. "

=^= Is it urgent Ensign. =^=

" To be honest, I'm just so fed up sitting around doing nothing and I'd like to help engineering with the repair of the USS ANUBIS, I believe that I can be of assistance. "

=^= I will contact the Admiral after his next meeting, I will then contact you with his instructions. =^=

" Thank you Allyson, Ensign out. "

Elliot continued to look out the observation deck window for a while longer, then decided to go for some food.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section B, Level 7, Cafeteria.
Stardate: 63075.1000

The COO looked at the clock on the wall as he walked to the replicator on the far wall, then realised how long he had been staring out the window at the USS ANUBIS.

::2 hours I'd been up there, and still no word from Allyson::

"I'd like an iced lemon water and an Hirat, please." ET stated to the replicator.  Just as his words had finished his required items materialised in the small hollow in the wall.  Ensign Thomas took his refreshments and walked to a table and sat down, and just as he had done so there was a call over his comm badge.

=^= Administration Centre to Ensign Thomas. =^=

Elliot quickly tapped his badge and replied, "Ensign Thomas here."

=^= Admiral Koniki said that you can assist with the repairs to the USS ANUBIS and you are to report to the ship's CEO who is presently onboard in Main Engineering. =^=

"Thank you, I'll do so immediately" responded ET.

Craig Mitchell
Ensign Elliot Thomas
Cheif Operations Officer