"Help From Above"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1
Stardate: 63071.0520

Lea slowly opened her eyes to see that the stars overhead had vanished. The night had given way to a new day and with it a reminder of her sprained ankle. The CMO recalled having fallen asleep to the sound of an ethereal melody. Although faint she had heard enough of it to be swept by the emotions it carried. Somehow it had worked to get her mind on something other than her predicament. Without the music though, reality and pain had returned in full force.

[[I've got to get out of here,]] Lea thought to herself. The training mission had scattered the crew, so the CMO could not count on getting rescued. Plus she had wanted to prove that she could in fact make it without help. She was after all a Starfleet Officer who had spent year behind enemy lines.  How she had managed to survive during that time still baffled her.

A loud yelp escaped from the ravine as Lea tried to shift her position. The sprain had been severe and the slightest movement caused excruciating pain. Yet Lea refused to surrender to her bad luck. Using a ripped strand of her uniform, the CMO tightly wrapped her ankle. The field bandage would provide protection as well as stability for the time being.

Inch by inch the CMO clawed her way up. The injured ankle dangled lifeless at the end of her leg. An agonizing scream suddenly echoed in the small space. Instinctively Lea had tried to hold herself up with her foot when her hand had slipped. A normal reaction that left the CMO sobbing like a little school girl. A few colorful words spoken in Romulan filled the air as tears flowed from her eyes.

After a few moments to regain her wits, Lea resumed her climb. The ravine's edge seemed like light-years away, but still she pressed on. The idea of spending several days stuck here had been a strong motivator. Also the memory of the otherworldly melody she had heard seemed to give her strength.

An unsteady smile formed as Lea reached the once distant edge. Only the tip of her fingers had made it, but it had been enough for the CMO to envision success. This vision was banished when the rocks beneath her fingers gave way under her weight. Lea could already picture herself with two sprained ankles, or worse. Instead of an additional sprain she might suffer a fracture leaving her unable to move.

The fall was unexpectedly stopped as Lea felt the presence of a large powerful hand around her wrist.  The CMO quickly looked up through her tears to see the face of the ANUBIS' CEO.

Like a heavenly angel from above the giant had reached down in her moment of need.  With ease and uncanny gentleness Elan began to pull Lea out of the ravine.

"Are you alright Healer?" Elan asked, Lea's pain somehow reflecting in the gentle giant's white eyes.

"Sprained ankle," the CMO said out of fear that Elan might decide to put her down. "I can't stand," she added unable to hold back her tears.

Elan carefully pulled Lea to safety and gently took her into his arms. "I shall take care of you," the CEO added as he carried the CMO off with little effort.

Lea wrapped her arms around the massive man's neck. The relief she felt from his hold and words being beyond description.

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer