"Heartfelt Melody"
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<<I look up towards the stillness and peacefulness of space and gaze upon the beauty of the stars.  Each sparkle of light represents a cherished memory, a dream of hope or a fantasy of love.  It is only when we take the time to look up into the heavens that we can fully understand.  That an individual is made of memories, hopes and dreams which are gathered throughout life.  Without these things, the soul of a person would be as black and desolate as a night without stars.>>

- Said by Bardef Talak Emzaw, Oltharian Priest to a then young apprentice to the Oltharian Religious Circle by the name of Elan Talak Fairborn.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1
Stardate: 63070.2345
The gaze of the massive Oltharian had been lost on the stars overhead as he played his flute, the enchanting melody born of the giant's soul having made him forget for the time being the goal of this training exercise.  Instead Elan had found his thoughts lost on events of the pass, memories of happier times, hopes and dreams that had been abruptly taken away from him.

(Insert funky FLASHBACK music)
Setting: USS DISCOVERY, Elan's Quarters
Stardate: 55022.1950 (8 years ago)

As the two Officers walked into the Oltharian's quarters, Amber was glad to see a smile of recognition appear on Elan's face as he looked around. During their trip from sickbay, the massive humanoid had not given any indication as to the state of his memory.  That smile was the first concrete sign she had received, giving her the feeling that things might be well on their way back to normal.

Slowly, Elan sat down in his chair and looked at Amber making her way to the replicator.  A few moments later, she returned bringing back what appeared to be a large glass of apple juice.

"What's that?" Elan said with a puzzled look on his face, which he managed to keep for a few seconds before it was replaced by a large smile.

Letting out a lengthy sigh, Amber fought off the urge to send the content of the glass in her hands onto the sitting Oltharian.  "I'm not sure I like this new sense of humour you're developing," she said as he offered the drink to Elan.

"I'm sorry Amber, I..." the Oltharian began before being stopped by one of Amber's finger being pressed against his lips.  After a few seconds, the Chief of the OSC gently removed her finger from Elan's lips and reached for the long, decorated wooden box which was home for the Oltharian's flute. Carefully, with almost a ceremonial manner, she presented the box to Elan, who responded by gently opening it and reaching in for its contents.

Amber watched as the Oltharian gently ran his fingers against the entire length of the metallic flute, as if he could somehow read, with his touch, the inscriptions that were on it.  With each passing second Elan caressed the instrument, the larger his smile became until it could grow no larger.  At that time, the Oltharian's fingers fell into place against the musical instrument as he slowly and carefully brought it up to his lips.  Like a song of glory echoing the feelings of a thousand generations, the mysterious music filled the entire room.  The notes carried with them such passion and intensity that Amber had to fight off tears from cascading from her eyes.  Elan had always given the impression of pouring himself into his music, something Satori had always greatly enjoyed watching and listening to.  But tonight felt different, the music *felt* more passionate, as if this time instead of Elan expressing *his* feelings, the flute had reached for the Oltharian's very soul to transform it into the musical harmony which echoed through the room.

In the reduce lighting of the Engineer's quarters, minutes quickly turned into hours, as Amber continued listening to Elan's tireless and never stopping playing.  She had made herself comfortable on the bed, her eyes never having left the Oltharian for more than a few seconds at a time as she glanced at the passing stars which added to the enchantment of the moment.  Even after four consecutive hours of playing his instrument, the melodies sounded as passionate and meaningful as the first notes he had played.  Soon, the woman fell pray to her fatigue, being serenaded into a peaceful slumber.

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1
Stardate: 63070.2355
A single tear made its way from the Oltharian's white eyes onto his check as the captivating melody broke for a few notes.  Memories and Hopes where all that the gentle giant possessed at this time, and the holographic stars overhead had gladly taken on the role the Engineer had required of them.

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