"Darn Doors"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 2, Senior Officer’s Quarters (Wydran’s)
Stardate: 30145.0500

Wydran got up, tried to stretch and immediately bashed his head on the ceiling smashing the light with his head; the FCO then proceeded to shout some rather unpleasant vulgar language and the shattered inanimate object.  Ensign Ttosk tried to calm himself down before he decided to walk through the doors once again without hitting his head.  Carefully he ducked and walked through the opened doorway quickly heading to engineering.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 22, Main Engineering
Stardate: 30145.0510

As the huge pilot walked into Main Engineering, he noticed a rather short red haired officer standing in his way.  Wydran promptly said “I need a cutting tool.”

The Chief Engineering Officer turned around to see the seven foot tall person now standing in front of her.  “Oh,” Sonja said a little stunned by the man’s imposing height.  “You must be…“

Wydran saw the cutting tool he had come here to acquire and simply took them completely ignoring Lt. Paquette.  Turning on his heels to exit without having any further contact with the CEO, the FCO bashed his head once again on the way out.  The loud thump was quickly followed by a lengthy train of alien swear words voicing the towering man’s anger and frustration.

The red haired woman giggled at the sight of the imposing man defeated by a simple door, forgetting completely the reason why he had come into Main Engineering.

With the cutting torch in his possession, Wydran proceeded back to his quarters to insure that he would, from now on, never have to deal with the insufficiently high frame of the door.

Scott Moll

Ensign Wydran Ttosk
Flight Control Officer