"Universal Constant"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section H, Level 8, Training Holodeck 1
Stardate: 63070.2300

Long before Lea had joined the crew of the ANUBIS she always managed to get in trouble. Be it on an alien world or inside a Federation base, the CMO could always find that one shady character. Lea could always stumble onto the impossible to find secret stash of illegal goods. Or find without searching that single loose rock to trip over. This mission had proven to be no different.

Lea had done her best to navigate the rocky terrain. She had even made a sizeable detour to avoid a particularly nasty looking set of pointed rocks. The idea of falling and being skewered had been a strong motivator in Lea looking for an alternate route.  Still her foot had found its way onto that one loose stone.

The tumble down into one of the nearby ravines had left her unconscious for several hours. When she awoke, the CMO had quickly discovered that she had twisted her ankle.  The shooting pain she experienced had left little doubt about this. The initial medical diagnosis had not shown any lesions, only several nasty bruises. Unfortunately in her present condition Lea had been completely incapable of getting herself out of the ravine.

The best Lea could do had been to be as comfortable as possible for the upcoming night.  Thoughts of a comfortable sickbay bio-bed, or her own fluffy bed filled her mind. At this point the CMO would have been happy to trade this simulation for a section of the ANUBIS' floor. Any floor on any deck.

Unable to sleep due to the continued pain of her sprained ankle Lea just looked up at the few starts she could see.  The ravine she had fallen into had deep and narrow enough that the CMO could only see a handful of sparkling lights.

Lea tried her best to hold back her tears. She had truly tried to not become a burden. To not become to one that everyone else needed to aid or rescue. Lea had wanted for this mission to be the one that would show everyone that she could make it without problems.

When her thoughts finally quieted enough Lea heard something unexpected. An angelic music filled with emotions that she could not understand. Had this been some sort of auditory hallucination? Had the CMO lost what little mind she possessed?

Still unable to make sense of the music she could now hear, Lea surrendered to the melody.  Somehow it had managed to make her forget about her pain. Somehow it had made the CMO feel as if she had no longer been alone. Maybe an angel had taken the task of watching over her on this night. Maybe that same angel would make it possible for her to escape from the prison she had inadvertently fallen into.

Tiffany Rose {lady.tiffany.rose@gmail.com}

Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer