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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 6, Administrative Center
Stardate: 63075.0555

Operating from a secret Intel base hidden inside an asteroid lost in
an ocean of rocks floating in space meant a great many things to those
within.  For the Native American one of those aspects had been that
there was no such thing as *too early* or *too late* when responding
to a call from the one in charge.  Everyone under the banner of the
NEW ALEXANDRIA complex had been required to be available 24/7 because,
as Admiral Charles N. Koniki had grown fond of reminding people; "the
universe, and the evil therein sleeps for no one."

"Good morning Captain Morningstar," Allyson offered in her usual,
overly cheerful manner.  Regardless of the time of the day or the
level of stress that the entire complex could be found under, the
blonde haired receptionist always radiated an aura of abundant
happiness.  To some this display could be perceived as insincere or
maybe even annoying, but that had never stopped the woman from acting
in this way regardless of who stepped into the Administrative Center.

Luckily, Erik Morningstar had not been one of those easily irritated;
in fact he found Allyson's unwavering cheerfulness and readiness to
assist anyone and everyone as a reminder that despite the cruelness
found in the universe, a smile could brighten anyone's day.  Granted
the woman did seem a little strange, but she had not been a concern of
the Native American who had been summed to report to the base's CO.

"Admiral Koniki will be with you shortly," Allyson quickly added as
she invited Morningstar to take a seat in the waiting area.  "Would
you like something to drink, or maybe a quick breakfast to take in
with you?"

Erik grinned as he lowered himself into the seat that had been offered
to him.  Strangely enough he had been surprised that Allyson had not
already replicated both a drink and food for him, knowing how
efficient she was.  That said though, the Native American also knew
her to be amazingly insightful and figured that she had already
surmised that he would have refused the offer.

Before the sitting man could offer any kind of reply, a faint chime
drew Allyson's attention onto her console.  "The Admiral is ready to
see you now," the receptionist explained as she invited Erik to step
through the office door that had just opened.

The Native American rose from his chair, smiled at Allyson and
proceeded into the Admiral office, already having an idea as to what
this early morning meeting had been about.  The rumours and
speculations had flown from one side of the secret base to the other
since the ANUBIS' return, and the state in which her crew had been
found in.

"Good morning Erik," the Admiral offered, the use of the Captain's
first name right at the start indicated that the meeting would be
casual, a fact that actually troubled the Native American who had
become accustomed to Koniki's over seriousness.  "No need to sit, I
just wanted to make this official and I wanted you to hear it from me

"You want me to lead the repairs and refit of the ANUBIS," Erik half chuckled.

The Admiral paused for a moment and gazed at the standing man before
he spoke once again.  "Maybe I called you here to make you her new

Erik grinned.  "True that the PARADOX is currently being repaired but
there is no reason for you to pull me off that ship since she is still
very much space worthy.  The ANUBIS on the other hand is going to take
a long while to bring back into active service, so it makes no sense
for you to transfer me, unless I have somehow caused you to hate me,"
the Native American theorized as he crossed his arms over his chest.
"Now, because of my knowing in Engineering and because you know that I
just hate sitting around doing nothing, it is far more logical that
you want me to help get the ANUBIS back on her feet as fast as
possible.  Plus, if you had actually wanted to assigned me to the
ANUBIS' as her new CO, you would not have made this into a *casual*

"Either I'm slipping or you are getting too used me my way of
working," Koniki grumbled as he turned his attention to the large
window behind his desk and the dark form of the ship in question that
could be seen beyond it.  "Either way I will have to do something
about it, but you are correct.  See what you can do to get that ship
back out there.  In here she's useless and there are a great deal of
issues that requires our attention and action."

Feeling somewhat proud of himself having figured this out as he had,
Erik stepped forward and joined the Admiral in his observing of the
ANUBIS.  "What about Elan?" Morningstar inquired, the tone of his
voice echoed a high level of respect for the Oltharian and his own
skills and knowledge as an Engineer.

"Fixing the ANUBIS is going to require a great deal of work and time,"
the Admiral explained.  "I just want to make sure that the task is not
too much for him."

Morningstar glared at the Admiral for a brief moment, certain that
there had been more to the reason for having brought the PARADOX's CO
into this affair.  Elan Fairborn had been more than a competent
engineer, someone that not a single soul within NEW ALEXANDRIA would
have questioned the capability of getting the job done, so it was
logical to assume that Koniki had another reason.

Erik silently debated whether or not to press the issue and inquire as
to the actual reason or reasons why the Admiral had decided not to
trust Elan as fully as he should have been.  In the end though, the
Native American decided to let the matter pass, guessing that he would
sooner or later become aware of Koniki's motives.

Francois Charette

Lieutenant Elan Talak Fairborn
Chief Engineering Officer


Robotics Engineering Officer


Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer