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The year is 2431 and the mighty United Federation of Planets is bigger and better than ever... well at least bigger. With the expansion of the borders and the enlisting of new, less sophisticated or technologically advanced worlds into its ranks, many believe that the Federation has become too large to properly govern itself. Those who subscribe to this idea use the lack of security present in the outer edge of the Federation to their advantage. Others, mostly those who have their home worlds deep inside Federation territory, believe that the reports of misconduct amongst delegates to the outer regions are greatly exaggerated. Based on what they chose to see and hear, these Council members are confident that the laws of the Federation are being enforced as they should be.

Admiral Charles N. Koniki, once the head of Starfleet Intelligence, believed that the truth was somewhere hidden in the middle. After having seen first hand some of the corruptions spoken about in the outer regions, and inside the Council itself, the Admiral decided to act for the greater good of the Federation and its citizens. Using all of his influence Admiral Koniki managed to have a new SFI base of operations constructed and manned without the knowledge of the new head of SFI. The construction of this base was even kept secret from the greater majority of the members of the Federation Council as well, this to insure the project's effectiveness in fighting corruption from within.

From this new ultra secret base of operations code named 'NEW ALEXANDRIA', the USS ANUBIS and other ships like it patrol Federation space and beyond seeking out the corrupt and dishonest... a task that is proving to be somewhat more difficult than some had initially imagined it to be.

With over 30 years of combined experience, this group has learned what works and what doesn't. There are no Administrators (a few in charge of many), everyone here is equal. From Captain to Ensign, each has a voice and a vote on issues that affect the group as a whole. This forum is meant to be a place where people join for fun, not to deal with someone else's politics. 

Members of the group participate through writing email "posts" in which they describe, in a narrative third-person omniscient style, events and actions taken by not only their character but everyone involved in the story. (Imagine writing part of a TV episode, describing everything that you see, hear and even what the characters are thinking).

Unlike many other PBEM RPGs / SIMs / games, DISTANT HORIZONS encourages players to write for everyone thus allowing players to see their own character grow through the writings of others.  This permits for a much closer interaction between characters and writers as each learns the uniqueness of everyone's creation.  Of course this writing for other characters is not required or forced on anyone, players / writers have the freedom to develop their character and the story as they wish.

Members are asked to write a minimum of a 250 word post at least once a week, although part-time players can do so less frequently. If able to participate more often, members are encouraged to do so, thus adding their unique twists to the ongoing story on a more frequent basis.

So if you have any questions or are interested in joining, do not hesitate to send an email to Francois <fcharette1969@gmail.comor Tiffany <>. They will be more than happy to get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24 hours) and answer all of your questions.

Our archives for the USS ANUBIS and USS BASTET are open to the public so feel free to have a look and see what great adventures we are in the middle of.

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Current mission - Last post(s) written on September 26th, 2016
Paquette: Day 1 – 2040 (“Zipping and Bumping”)

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Previous missions:
Eternal Darkness - Post #001 to #024
Current mission - Last post(s) written on September 23rd, 2016
Lopez: Day 1 - 2040 ("A Personal Argument")

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Star Trek: Distant Horizons

IMPORTANT NOTE ON OUR TIMELINE -> This forum follows the PRIME Timeline. This means that the lore contained within Star Trek: Distant Horizons does not include any events as shown in the latest Star Trek movies (Abramsverse / JJVerse). As an example of this, the Romulan Star Empire is still going strong with ROMULUS as the central planet of the empire; and VULCAN is still a very solid presence within the United Federation of Planets.

2063 - First Contact by the Vulcans (Movie: STNG - First Contact)
2151 - Start of the NX-Enterprise service record (Series: ENTERPRISE, Season 1)
 - Start of the USS Enterprise five-year mission (Series: STO, Season 1)
2271 - Voyager 6 returns to EARTH as V-GER (Movie: Star Trek - The Motion Picture)
2293 - PRAXIS, explodes forcing the Klingon Empire to eventually join the Federation (Movie: Star Trek - The Undiscovered Country)
2311 - The Treaty of Algeron between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire is signed (Series: STNG / DS9)
2319 - The Cardassian Union annexes BAJOR. Start of the 50 year "Occupation" (Series: DS9)
2346 - Terok Nor is built (Series: DS9)
2353 - The Tholians destroy a Federation outpost (Series: STNG - The Icarus Factor)
2367 - Federation encounters and exchanges knowledge with the Cytherians (Series: STNG - The Nth Degree)
2367 - The Federation receives a major defeat at the hands of the Borg at Wolf 359 (Series: STNG - The Best of Both Worlds, Part II)
2369 - End of the Cardassian "Occupation" of BAJOR. Federation takes control of Terak Nor and renames it Deep Space 9 (Series: DS9, Season 1)
- Start of the Dominion War (Series: DS9, Season 6)
2375 - End of the Dominion War (Series: DS9, Season 7)
2377 - Voyager returns to EARTH (Series: VOYAGER, Season 7)

2382 - Renewed hostilities between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire who saw the Federation has an ever growing threat
2383 - DS9 is destroyed by vessels belonging to the Typhon Pact (Novels: Typhon Pact)
2385 - Slowly the Obsidian Order returns as a dominant power in the Intel world
2386 - The Cardassian Union re-annexes BAJOR
2389 - The Treaty of Algeron is reinstated, ending the hostilities between the Federation and the Romulan Star Empire

2392 - BAJOR is liberated of the Cardassian second occupation by the Federation
2393 - Federation exploration ship encounters the first Imorrian, a race highly skilled at gutting and refurbishing ship hulls
2394 - A new Deep Space 9, this time of Federation design is built and orbits BAJOR
2395 - Incursion into Tholian space by a rogue Federation vessel which destroys 3 outposts
2396 - Last of the diplomatic efforts to ease tensions with the Tholian Assembly fails, the treaty with the Federation is officially broken
2397 - Final diplomatic efforts to ward of a full scale war with the Tholians fails, all Federation diplomats are killed
2399 - The Tholians begin a slow yet systematic extermination of nearby Federation outposts and planets

2403 - The Tholian Assembly suddenly ends all hostilities against the Federation for no apparent reason
2404 - With more than 70% of its fleet destroyed, Starfleet begins rebuilding using older class designs with the help of the Imorrians
2407 - With the Federation weakened, both the Breen Confederacy and Gorn Hegemony attack outlining Federation outposts
2409 - The Breen Confederacy stops all hostilities following the arrival of a Tholian envoy to the Breen homeworld
2410 - The Breen Confederacy declares war on the Gorn Hegemony stating encroachment on their territory

2411 - The Gorn Hegemony ends all hostilities with the Federation, unable to sustain a war on two fronts
2412 - A new treaty of non-aggression is signed between the Breen Confederacy and Gorn Hegemony
2414 - The Federation begins once again to rebuild its fleet still with the help of the Imorrians and with Cytherian upgrades
2415 - The Federation adopts a new exploration mandate despite objections from the council that the fleet is still too weak
2417 - Major technological breakthroughs using Cytherian knowledge

2420 - Admiral Koniki begins secrets plans on the establishment of an Intel base of Operation set outside of standard Starfleet channels
2425 - NEW ALEXANDRIA goes online along with the USS SCARAB
2427 - USS ANUBIS, HORUS and SEKHMET go on active duty

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